How to use personalized video throughout the customer journey

In a fastchanging world of marketing, what used to work a few months ago isn’t generating same results anymore. With time and increased overall usage, marketers started creating a higher number of messages which were increasingly inferior. Naturally, this led to poor click-through rates or conversion rates. Plus with so much noise around, its harder than ever to stand out in the crowd. One quick look at your inbox & you’d realize that it’s full of unnecessary stuff that you have to compete with. Precisely the kind of noise that’s making the old marketing methods redundant...and this noise is what we’re up against as marketers.

Personalized video help you systematically grow your sales funnel
Personalized video help you systematically grow your sales funnel

The audience today expects genuine communication. Not scripted, boring generic messages. That’s exactly where well-crafted personalized videos could make us stand out. These videos are generated to educate and entertain, so our prospects could watch them with keen interest and engage. What’s important is that it helps us solve two major problems

You get audience attention amongst noise with a customer moving ahead in their buyer’s journey.
You could improve those pathetic 0.5-1.5% conversion rates – that we’re forced to become comfortable with.


The personalized video is a fantastic way to engage people on one to one level like never before. It changes the concept of communication letting you build trust, relationships, and credibility. With the advent of new tools, its the perfect time for marketers to push themselves to make deeper connections with the potential prospects throughout their journey. Let’s take a quick look at the process.

First, you need to think beyond the name!

A truly personalized video is more than just getting someones name right. The entire message must be crafted towards your viewer, and what interests them in the buyers journey. It’s their occupation, the phone number, their email, their interests, even a job title; you can customize a photo as well, a message wholly based on what they want to see. As a marketer, you are allowed to run your imagination. The possibility of customization is almost endless.

Video camera
Professional videos are worth it, but if you’re a bootstrapped startup, iPhone will do

and with groundbreaking technology, it’s much easier than it sounds. It allows you to imagine a video with content customized to the individual interests of the prospects. You could efficiently & strategically place the personalized elements at the right times on the video. The best part – everything happens even before your prospect comes into direct contact with anybody in your company. This’ll help you cut through the clutter and improve audience engagement at a mass scale. TargetMarketing™ does professional videos and animations alike.

That’s how Flipkart revived their fortunes

Flipkart, the Indian e-commerce giant, decided their ads cannot be same to all people. With that in mind, the higher management was prepared for a major shift!

Flipkart has an equivalent of what people call a Cyber Monday sale in the US, and its called Big Billion Days. They partnered with AdGreetz and replaced one big giant campaign ad with 100,000 personalized commercials, across 20 major metropolitan cities. The campaign relied heavily on customized video marketing based on what the audience has purchased, browsed, left in the shopping cart, etc. Result – Flipkart doubled their revenue from the five-day sale from $500 million to $1 billion.

That’s a perfect example of video personalization done right. All Flipkart did was to analyze the elements of customization considering the data of the recipients and utilize it with precision. As a marketer if you could replicate the same approach, your conversion is bound to get at least 4 to 5 times higher. Just set goals at each stage, and you can use it across the customer journey.

Depending upon the stage of the marketing funnel youre targeting, you can quickly determine the content and calibrate the right messaging for your prospects. It starts with the realization of the problem to the first interaction with your product/service, leading to the ultimate goal – the sale. These stages can be broadly classified into three categories – awareness, consideration, and decision. The idea is to add a personalized video to every step of the marketing funnel and help potential customers swiftly move through the funnel, bringing them closer to a decision to buy or convert. Let’s break the process into realistic goals and see how personalized video can help at each stage.

Awareness stage right at the top of the funnel

Your buyers are aware of the problem and looking for a solution. This is the first touch point, and you’re starting out utterly fresh with these potential customers. While creating the video, keep simple goals in mind – like brand recognition and advertisement recall. The aim is to get more views, a higher level of impressions, and repeated visits. Here are two kinds of video that could potentially work –

1. A well-crafted commercial can highlight your product or service while showcasing a story that directly impacts your prospect.
2. A detailed explainer video is used to break down difficult concepts for your prospects. If done well, the explainer videos have the potential to be distributed on social media platforms without any inorganic push. With the help of smart personalization, explainer videos can bring more engagement You have the option to bring your customers into the video. Maybe it’s their name, their photographs, their interests, or anything else you see relevant.

The goal here is to keep them engaged for a long time and increase your clickthrough rate. You are building relationships at this stage.

Consideration or the midlevel funnel stage

Now the problem is residing in the mind of your potential buyer. It’s fast becoming a pain they can’t endure. They are searching for ways to address this problem. Naturally, they search for this online as well. Assuming that you’ve had at least a single contact with your prospect (retargeting cookie), you have some data for the next step.

For example, if they’ve liked your video – you’re all set for retargeting. Remember, now you’re fighting for the attention and the need to convince your buyers that you‘re better than your competition. You have to stay on top of their mind. You have to remember they’re more likely to buy a product online after watching a quality video.

The goal at the consideration stage is simple. Whenever thinking about theproblem, the prospects should immediately associate with your brand and think like someone with a solution. This is a place where they become a lead since they are closing in towards your product/service. Some videos that make sense at this stage are

1. Testimonial Video can be used to add credibility and push them further in the funnel.
2. FAQ Video offers clear answers to their queries. You immediately become a rich resource to solve your prospect’s problem.
3. Product Review video showcases the complete procedure of how your product solves a particular problem.
4. Product tour video can help them visualize the solution and increase their connection with your brand.
5. Webinars help you tailor the content to each viewer by including the personal information of your audience. When you use their name, and personal details on each page, the whole message seems explicitly designed with them in mind.

Decision or Conversion stage (End of the Funnel)

You should already pat on your back since the prospect has made it so far. Although, they are yet to make a purchasing decision. Given the volatile nature of this stage, this is the right time to showcase your value. Create additional credibility through stats, case studies, coupon codes, incentives, and extended free trials. Your call to action also becomes crucial.

It’s like crossing the final line in a race – you’ll know when you’ve arrived. There would be an uptick in sign-ups, sales, clicks, etc. Some videos that will help at the decision-stage –

1. Process video – Show them the easy nature of using your product/service. It can be in the form of a tutorial video where you take them one step at a time towards the final solution they are looking for. When they view the whole process, there is a temptation to try out the product, and that’s where conversion happens. With personalization cues thrown in, the video could show how natural the actual process is. Theyll be excited to give it a try.
2. A customized personal videoUsing the user data, send an invitation to the prospects that appears it was entirely made just for them. Remember, getting the customization right is very important here. Something personal like a birthday coupon at the right time can be just the final push that is needed for the conversion. A ticket with your prospect’s name on it would work fine as well.

Post sale experience

Conversion or sales is not the last stage. You need to offer greater expertise and show your support after the deal is done. A personalized video at this stage can help reinforce your brand. For example, onboarding videos work really well. The idea is to offer something they appreciate, and your competitors don’t offer. It makes you deeply integrated into their memories. That’s how you create repeat customers and invite word of mouth strategy.

Concluding thoughts

Personalizing a video is far more comfortable than you can imagine. With better technology nowadays, it comes down to the quality of the data source – be it CRM, billing systems, trackers, manual databases and so much more. You just need to map your content marketing to the funnel. With advanced tools at your disposal, you are bound to see high ROI.

A word of caution here. A personalized video showcases your brands point of view. So, it’s important that you should not interrupt your prospects. Remember, your here not just to sell but to create a relationship. The video should not be intruding and should be relevant to what you’re offering. As a marketer, you have a responsibility.

The era of personalization started almost a decade back with e-cards that were customized for Valentine day. With access to tools and experts, it’s amazing to observe how far the technology has come. These videos have moved across different teams in your company and quickly getting integrated into your CRM. You could effectively talk to every prospect and have a unique conversation. Fact is, even within extremely modest video budget, you can get pretty creative with your solutions. All you need is to jump to the next step.

Don’t be late to this party or you will regret it!

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